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Further to our newsletter in March 2019, we are now able to advise you that Cllr Alison Pollard and Cllr Chris Worley submitted successful nominations for the forthcoming election on 2nd  May  2019.

Due to only two nominations being received, Cllrs Pollard and Worley will be duly elected and remain on the Parish Council going forward.  There are seven places available.

With only two Parish Councillors, the Parish Council is classed as ‘inquorate’ and does not meet the minimum requirement of three Parish Councillors to allow Parish Council meetings to take place.  Therefore, there will be no more Parish Council meetings until such time as three or more Parish Councillors are appointed. 

We advised you in our March newsletter that Hambleton District Council would appoint a District Councillor should we not have the minimum of three Parish Councillors.  This will only take place after three attempts have been made to elect Parish Councillors, via an election process.  There is an administration charge levied by Hambleton District Council of £100 per election which is paid from the Parish precept, raised from your Council Tax payments. 

As you know there is an election on 2nd May. This is the first £100 we will have to pay to Hambleton District Council.  As we failed to find three Parish Councillors, Hambleton District Council have scheduled our next Parish Council election for 23rd May 2019.  This will be another £100 we will have to pay.

We would like to remind you that communities need a voice in national consultation processes with District, County and central government bodies who make decisions about our everyday lives.  Just as importantly, the Parish Council also addresses local issues particular to ourselves as raised by residents, and it generates ideas for the benefit of all of us. 

You don’t need special knowledge or to have held office before, and training is available. There is usually one Parish Council Ordinary Meeting at 7.15pm on the second Monday of every month except August, in the Village Hall. Otherwise, the time commitment depends on what’s to be done, and what you can offer from your particular skills, interests and knowledge. Being involved in local change rewards you.

The Parish Council website gives an idea of the activities we do and the information we provide.  Please have a look around this website for further information.  

Unfortunately, timing is very tight for the next election.  Nominations must be delivered by hand to the Returning Officer at HDC by 1600hrs on Thursday 25th April.  Nomination papers can be obtained from the Returning Officer by emailing elecreg@hambleton.gov.uk or calling 01609 767263.  Nomination papers are also available from Cllr Caroline Artingstoll.  Please telephone 01845 597347 to obtain a copy.  

Should we fail to find at least one more Parish Councillor at the election on 23rd May, the third and final election will be held within 35 days of the 23rd May at a date given by Hambleton District Council.  A further £100 administration charge will also have to be paid.

Please seriously consider becoming a Parish Councillor.  If you wish to find out more information about being a Parish Councillor, please feel free to contact any of the people below.

Iris de Wet, Parish Clerk – Tel: 01845 522401

Cllr. Caroline Artingstoll – Tel: 01845 597347

Cllr. Alison Pollard – Tel: 01845 597761

Cllr. Chris Worley – Tel: 01845 597090

Alternatively, Hambleton District Councillor have information on their web site via this link


Additional information about the role and becoming a Parish Councillor can be found on the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) web site.  The web page can be found via this link


Please consider becoming a Parish Councillor, it is all about you, the parish and making it a great place to live





Hambeton District Council - if you wish to read their Local Development Scheme November 2018, please see further details on the Public Consultation tab



Ever wondered how North Yorkshire County Council decide when repairs are necessary.  You can view the Highways Safety Inspection manual on the North Yorkshire County Council page of our web site.








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