The next meeting of Sutton under Whitestonecliffe Parish Council will be on Monday 13 December 2021 at 7.15pm

in the Village Hall


7 December 2021

Public Consultation HDC Budget 2022/23

Please see below the text of a letter we have received from Hambleton District Council asking for comment on their 2022/23 Budget.


Hambleton District Council Budget Consultation 2022/23

The District Council is consulting on its budget and services it provides in 2022/23. All residents and businesses are invited to have their say through the consultation at www.hambleton.gov.uk/survey/budget

A poster is attached for promotion throughout your parish.

To see it, please click HERE

 The consultation will close on Friday 7 January 2022.

 Many thanks,

Saskia Calton

Corporate Finance Manager    Ext: 7226





Announcement of Local Government Reorganisation for North Yorkshire

Please see NEWS tab


Also see the tabs for Hambleton District Council and North Yorkshire County Council. 

From April 2023, North Yorkshire will be a Unitary Authority.  The current County Council and the seven District Councils including Hambleton will cease to exist. Elections will take place in May 2022 for the new Unitary Council, probably to be called North Yorkshire Council.  The structures will function alongside each other for a year of transition.

At present discussions are taking place for the new organisational arrangements. Ward boundaries and numbers of councillors have been agreed. The submission accepted by the government at the Department for Levelling up, Housing and Communities includes a proposal for about thirty regional, customer-access site offices based on towns across North Yorkshire.

There is already a lot of history leading to the decision to change, which has been reported in the press and by the usual channels. Perhaps you have not "kept up".  However, smaller communities and their first tier councils may benefit from looking at published information on the NYCC and HDC websites from now on. 

This is a moment when our input can feed into the conversation and could influence organisational outcomes.  

If you have thoughts about how we, or you particularly, may be affected, please let the Clerk or a councillor know them. Our ward District Councillor Andy Robinson, and our County Councillor Gareth Dadd attend all our meetings to report to us and to receive our parishioners' views and questions.

Please tell us what you what you want to know and what you want us to say. 


Parish Council Elections

The  normal schedule of parish council elections has been changed by the Westminster government to chime with the UA election pattern. Our next election was to have been in 2023. Now the next election has been brought forward by a year.

Therefore the next Parish Council election will be in May 2022.

The best way to keep our village identity in this era of change is to sustain the tried and tested systems of local democracy. The Parish Council has been here, we believe, since 1894, long beyond a human lifetime. It has seen vast change.

The Parish Council embodies our right to be informed and consulted, to speak and be heard, in  the big conversation of government. 

Please consider standing as a candidate for one of the seven councillor seats that make up our Parish Council.  






Parish Council Website Accessibility Statement

We are in the process of checking the accessibility of our website. There will be an initial audit of the skills available amongst current Parish Councillors. We will keep this statement updated as we go along. 

We are aware that parishioners use a variety of devices to access the website. If you have found specific difficulty in your attempts, please let the Clerk know.

One tiny tip for now, about improving readability - check your own keyboard to find out whether it is programmed to adjust text size. Use Ctrl and + sign to magnify and - sign to reduce

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