The defibrillator is located on the wall of Meadow Lodge, YO7 2PS next to the Post Box and Noticeboard, visible from the road A.170. 

Parishioners have been given the key code for the door. If you are resident and would like to be reminded of the code, please let a councillor know. 


Defibrillator Awareness Sessions

In current uncertain circumstances, we are not sure when it will be feasible to run follow-up training sessions for the use of the defibrillator alongside first aid CPR procedures.  

In the meantime, the British Heart Foundation website provides excellent video reminders of the processes, including use of the defibrillator. 

Also be reassured - the defibrillator "instructs" in its own use. Listen to the instructions and you would know what to do.

You can see the bright yellow defibrillator cabinet on the west-facing wall of the Whitestonecliffe Inn. 

We have published the cabinet security code in newsletters to parishioners' homes. If you'd like to be reminded, please contact a councillor or the Clerk. 

We have found from a particular experience of summoning an ambulance for a neighbour, the telephone operator suggested that we collect the defibrillator, to be in place for the paramedics. It was not possible to leave the patient.  It was reassuring to be able to ring a contact in the village who already knew the code. 

To know the code routinely might make a difference. 





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