For the next meeting of Sutton under Whitestonecliffe Parish Council, scheduled for Monday 13th  July at 7.15pm, we will be using a telephone conference call facility. This will continue until further notice.

In the light of new regulations around Coronavirus for the holding of legal Parish Council meetings, and in the absence of the technological capacity to meet on a video platform, we will speak on the telephone The provider is WHYPAY? and information about the platform is available on their website. The conference facility allows members of the public to join in, as they are able to do usually.

For the call, meeting participants dial in from their own telephone at the time stated. The only charge is whatever their normal phone provider charges for an 03 call.

A conference call without video meets the legal requirement for attendees to hear, to speak and to be heard. If you as a member of the public wish to use the slot available at the start of the meeting to address the Parish Council, you are invited to do so. After that, you may hear the rest of the meeting as usual, wiithout further spoken participation.

For some Sutton residents, this arrangement has the potential advantage of being independent of the internet.

The numbers required are as follows:

Dial: 0333 0164 757

Then you are given the prompt to enter the "room number" followed by #

Room number: 23008767 #

Then you are prompted again to enter the guest PIN followed by #

Guest PIN: Request from Clerk #

After that, there is "waiting" music, until further participants dial in.


We have found that if a mobile phone is used, the sound quality is improved by using headphones.















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