Tour de Yorkshire 5 May 2018



Did you enjoy the day?  Join the Parish Council on Friday 13 July 2018,   6.00pm – 7.00pm in the Village Hall.  Come for a drink and nibbles, see the photos on a slideshow.


Radio York visited the village on the morning of 1 May for an interview on how we are preparing for the TdeY and what events will be happening on Saturday.  



Expected Race Arrival 2.44pm to 2.53pm 

Expected Road Closure 2.15pm to 3.15pm

Côte de Sutton Bank      

Expected Race Arrival 2.50pm to 2.59pm     

Expected Road Closure 10.30am to 4.30pm (from the turn off to Osgoodby)


TdeY Newsletter No 1 click here

TdeY Newsletter No 2 click here

TdeY Newsletter No 3 click here

TdeY Newsletter No 4 click here


Information from North Yorkshire County Council regarding road closures and race timings can be found here


The Parish Council is liasing with Hambleton District Council and Welcome to Yorkshire to bring you all the information you will need to have an enjoyable day - minus the rain!


If you have any suggestions for events or something you would like to do, please make contact with one of the people below.


Alison Pollard, telephone 597761

Therese Hill , telephone 597429

Carolne Artingstoll, telephone 597347






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